This year, Cahoots are celebrating 10 years as a group and of Spirit Cafe. That’s a good enough excuse for a party. We hope you can join us for a great evening of music and humour on the 9th November at 7.30pm in the main body of St John’s Church. It’s a great sit down venue with an atmosphere all of its own. Tickets are already selling and we advise early purchase to secure your seat. You can buy your tickets at Spirit Cafe or purchase them from Rosie Scott (01489 577014). We hope you may take a few tickets and sell them on our behalf as was so successful last time. If any are left they will be available at the door on the night, but last time that was very few. So, buy early to avoid disappointment.
As you are probably aware Spirit Cafe gives all profits to deserving charities. With your help we have raised approx £30K during our time. This year we are supporting ‘RP Fighting Blindness’. RP is Retinitus Pigmentosa a genetic condition which destroys the rods in the eye. This can ultimately render blindness or cause tunnel vision. It also takes away the ability to see in darkness and poor light.
You are probably unaware that Jenni, who is so popular with so many of you has this very condition. She was diagnosed some 10 years ago but we suspect she’s always had it.It was her wish that we support this worthy charity and help make aware the need for understanding and support. Please help to fill the church for a rocking good time.
As usual with these nights we have engaged some talented friends on drums, keyboards and sax to help us out. We are very excited as rehearsals have started and our songs take new shape. Hope to see you and your friends, your family, or just anyone you drag off the street.