At St John’s, we believe that we should share what we have through a programme of external giving throughout the year.

Christmas Collections at St John’s

St John’s traditionally donates collections from our Christmas services to good causes. These can be local, national and international.

Money raised in December 2017 from the Christingle Services was given to the Children’s Society. All other money was divided between the Fareham & Gosport Food Bank and the Diocese in Europe working with USPG.

The Children’s Society and the Fareham & Gosport Food Bank are well known to St John’s.

The Diocese in Europe is geographically by far the largest diocese of the Church of England and serves Anglican and English speaking people. They have almost 300 congregations in over 40 countries across Europe plus Turkey, Morocco and Russia. More details can be found at

USPG (United Society Partners in the Gospel) is one of the oldest mission agencies in the Anglican Communion. Founded in 1701, it has been supporting Anglican Churches around the world in their mission to bring the fullness of life to the communities they serve. Many of the churches in the Diocese in Europe were founded and supported by USPG.

Since 2015 USPG has been accompanying the Diocese in their work with refugees. USPG is an invaluable partner in the work through funding, through provision of technical personnel and through planning for long-term strategies. The Society has been working with the Diocese on refugee matters in Greece, Finland, and Morocco in particular, and what future plans might be developed. Details of their work can be found at

Tithing from the PCC Funds

Earlier in 2017 it was agreed by the vicar, church wardens and PCC that St John’s church would continue with tithing and the PCC agreed to providing an amount to support a number of charities. At the PCC meeting on June 6th, the first donations, recommended to the PCC by the External Giving Team, were agreed for 2017 and St John’s donated the following amounts:

  • £800 to the parish of Awaso, our Ghana Link,
  • £1,000 to the Church Mission Society, currently supporting Faith Gordon working in Brazil,
  • £800 to support Upturn, a part of Solent Mind, that provides help and support to young people needing support for mental health issues,
  • £450 to ‘Friends without Borders’ for their work supporting refugees,
  • £450 to ‘The Children’s Society’ the Christian movement supporting young people in care,
  • £244 to the ‘Garden of Good Wishes’ to build and extend the facilities at the home in Brook Lane for adults with special needs and where Ross King, a member of our congregation lives.

All the charities above have received support from St John’s in the past, lately through the External Giving Team and each has a nominated contact from St John’s who can provide us with news and updates.  Titithing to these charities is from the PCC funds and is in addition to the regular giving events organised by members of St John’s.

Ghana Link

St John’s has a long-established relationship with the Parish of St Matthew’s in Awaso, Ghana and members of the two churches continue to remain in regular contact. There have been visits both to Ghana by members of St John’s and also visits to St John’s by clergy from St Matthew’s. Members of St John’s have taken St Matthew’s into their hearts and regularly given generously towards this work.

Church Mission Society

St John’s contribution to CMS has been to support Faith Gordon on her mission in Brazil. This is her latest newsletter

Faith’s Link Letter

Friends without Borders

Friends without Borders exists to support some of the poorest and most neglected people. It is not always widely known that asylum seekers and refugees face a very difficult, not to say hostile environment in this country. The following pdf documents provide more details:

Background to Friends without Borders (Portsmouth)

Update on FWB for St John’s Oct 2017

FWB has a Facebook page which gets updated regularly and contains some interesting snippets. Search for “Friends without Borders, Portsmouth”.

Fundraising through the year

In addition to tithing by the PCC, there are various charity fundraising events throughout the year. These take the form of retiring collections for DEC crisis appeals through to coffee mornings for cancer charities. Over £5600 was raised in this way during 2017. We are blessed with a generous community.