At St John’s, we believe that we should share what we have through a programme of external giving throughout the year.

Tithing from the PCC Funds

As in previous years, it has been agreed by the vicar, church wardens and PCC that St John’s church will continue with tithing in 2019 and the PCC agreed to providing an amount to support a number of charities. At the PCC meeting in February, these donations, recommended to the PCC by the External Giving Team, were agreed for 2019 and St John’s donated the following amounts:

  • £1000 to the parish of Awaso, our Ghana Link,
  • £1000 to the Church Mission Society,
  • £500 to ‘Friends without Borders’ for their work supporting refugees,
  • £1000 to Joy for Children to support families with disabled children in Uganda,
  • £1000 to St George Foundation which provides child welfare support in Freetown, Sierra Leone,
  • £1000 to Fareham and Gosport Basics Bank to buy provisions for those in need,
  • £500 to The Trussell Trust, a Christian charity supporting local foodbanks,
  • £250 to The Bible Society, for their global mission to offer the Bible to every man, woman and child,
  • £250 to Light for Bulgaria, to help the elderly and disabled people who live in the mountain villages of South West Bulgaria,
  • £500 to Tearfund, a Christian charity working in many places throughout the world and carefully linked to local churches,
  • £500 to Barnabas Fund, to help Christians who are being targeted and oppressed.
  • £500 to The Salvation Army,  to support homeless people across the UK.
  • £500 to Anti-slavery, a long-established charity that works to free the world from slavery.
  • £735 to Christian Aid, a Christian charity that assists in emergencies and supports people in need worldwide.

The charities above have a historical link to St John’s and many have received support from St John’s in the past, lately through the External Giving Team. Tithing to these charities is from the PCC funds and is in addition to the regular giving events organised by members of St John’s. Each has a nominated contact from St John’s who can provide us with news and updates. More information is available on the Mission Board in church and below.

Ghana Link

St John’s has a long-established relationship with the Parish of St Matthew’s in Awaso, Ghana and members of the two churches continue to remain in regular contact. There have been visits both to Ghana by members of St John’s and also visits to St John’s by clergy from St Matthew’s. Members of St John’s have taken St Matthew’s into their hearts and regularly given generously towards this work.

Church Mission Society

St John’s contribution to CMS has been to support Faith Gordon on her mission in Brazil. This is her last newsletter which describes her reasons for leaving CMS to pursue another challenge in Brazil. Our contribution in 2019 will be to CMS General Fund.

Faith’s Link Letter

Friends without Borders

Friends without Borders exists to support some of the poorest and most neglected people. It is not always widely known that asylum seekers and refugees face a very difficult, not to say hostile environment in this country. The following pdf documents provide more details:

Background to Friends without Borders (Portsmouth)

Update on FWB for St John’s Oct 2017

Friends without Borders Spring 2019 Update

FWB has a Facebook page which gets updated regularly and contains some interesting snippets. Search for “Friends without Borders, Portsmouth”.

Joy for Children

This is a Christian UK registered charity that works in Uganda. They focus on development projects that empower and provide for some of the most disadvantaged people in the poorest areas of Kampala.

Information on Joy for Children 

Joy for Children and Communities St Johns Update Mar 2019

St George Foundation

St George Foundation is a charity which rescues street-children in Freetown, Sierra Leone. They assisted during the Ebola epidemic from 2014 to 2015 and the mud slide disaster in 2017.

Information on St George Foundation

St George Foundation Autumn 2018 Update

Fareham and Gosport Basics Bank

The Fareham and Gosport Basics Bank is a Christian charity providing practical support for any in crisis (food, toiletries, some clothing) in a welcoming, caring environment where each person is valued and respected as an individual.

Information on the Fareham and Gosport Basics Bank

The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust supports a network of over 400 foodbanks, giving emergency food and support to people in crisis across the UK. They also have their More Than Food programme, to help foodbanks develop into community hubs, providing people in need with emergency food and a range of support in one location.

Information on The Trussell Trust

The Bible Society

The Bible Society is charity on a global mission to offer the Bible to every man, woman and child. We use their material for the Bible Course.

Information on the Bible Society

Light for Bulgaria

Light for Bulgaria is a UK registered charity set up to help the elderly and disabled people who live in the mountain villages of South West Bulgaria.

Information on Light for Bulgaria


Tearfund is a well established Christian charity working to help communities overcome the worst effects of poverty and disasters. They believe that the same people who face these issues, also have the best idea as to how they can overcome them.

Information on Tearfund

The Barnabas Fund

The Barnabas Fund is an international, interdenominational Christian aid agency that supports Christians who face discrimination or persecution as a consequence of their faith. It was established in 1993 and channels aid to projects run by national Christians in more than 50 countries.

Information on the Barnabas Fund

Fundraising through the year

In addition to tithing by the PCC, there are various charity fundraising events throughout the year. These take the form of retiring collections for DEC crisis appeals through to coffee mornings for cancer charities. Over £7,500 was raised in this way during 2018. We are blessed with a generous community.