St. John’s Notelets

Notelets is an activity choir for children aged 5 upwards. We meet in the church every Tuesday evening, in term time, from 6pm-7pm.

We are a choir with a difference as we not only sing, but cover some basic music theory and also learn about the Bible using games and activities. Each week the children take it in turns to pray at the end of the evening or to read a Bible passage.

We often get the chance to sing in church services and events and also regularly entertain those in a local care home.

All of the children wear the amazing Notelets logo t-shirt.

If you are interested in joining or indeed helping with St. John’s Notelets, please get in touch via the church office.


St John’s Family Orchestra

The SJFO is specially convened for major occasions, usually at Christmas, Easter. About 70 young (and not so young) people of all abilities join in. If you would be interested in dusting off your instrument or encouraging your child to take part, we would love to hear from you via the church office.


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