Have you ever thought of getting confirmed?

Confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey at which we affirm for ourselves the promises made for us at our baptism and our intention to follow Jesus for the rest our lives. Our affirmation is confirmed though prayer and the laying on of hands by the Bishop. We also ask God to give us power to live for Christ through the Holy Spirit. If you would like to read what happens at the service for Confirmation, click here.

When can I get confirmed?

The Diocese of Portsmouth holds confirmation services several times a year, sometimes in a local church and sometimes in the Cathedral. Please contact us if you  would like to know when the next opportunity will be.

How do I prepare for Confirmation?

When you are confirmed, you are making a public statement of your faith in Christ. One of the best ways to prepare is to do the Alpha course or the Youth Alpha course, which will give you plenty of opportunity to explore and ask questions.

What happens after Confirmation?

A fire burns brightly when the logs are together, but take one log away and it will quickly go out. So it is with our faith. Confirmation is just one step on the journey of faith which lasts our whole lifetime. The Church exists to provide the support and encouragement we need in order to grow mature in our faith.

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