St. John’s Church has been the Parish Church of Locks Heath for over 120 years. The foundation stone was laid on 4th June 1894.

It is one of the oldest buildings in Locks Heath and is still well used. It is home to a friendly and lively church of all ages and backgrounds.

The vicars at St. John’s over the years…..

1893-1908 Rev T A M Shepherd
1908-1915 Rev B R R Neville
1915-1931 Rev J C Robinson
1931-1946 Rev H K Molliet
1946-1954 Rev F Aker
1956-1967 Rev E E Curtis
1967-1974 Rev B L H Carpenter
1975 Rev D Nicholls
1976-1982 Rev N Chatfield
1983-1997 Rev R J S Evens
1997-2007 Rev P Ingrams
2008-2015 Rev C E Sugden
2016 – present Rev G R Foster

A record of notable events in the church’s history….

The legacy of Edie Grove

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