Our evening services are different every week, but they all tend to be quieter and more personal with a smaller attendance. We would be thrilled if you were to join us.

Iona Prayer (1st Sunday)

A quiet service of special prayers from the Iona Community.

Faith Cafe (2nd Sunday)

Held in the Grove Room, this is a service with a more informal atmosphere, video and music in a contemporary style. A thought provoking talk will often be followed by lively discussion of the issues.

Come join the Faith Cafe fulfillment that a tall caramel macchiato can’t give you.

Open the Word (3rd Sunday)

A shortened communion service in the chancel with more time given to studying God’s Word.

Prayer Service (4th Sunday)

An informal service in the chancel exploring different ways to PRAY for current issues, our community and our church. Mixed in with lively worship and a short message, we are able to praise God for his gifts to us and ask help for ourselves and others. In this way we are able to support our church, families, our community and our world by enveloping it in prayer. We are showing God’s love in a powerful way.

For a fuller description of the prayer life of St John’s, click here.

Prayer & Praise (5th Sunday)

In the chancel, this service is a free time of prayer and worship using both traditional and contemporary songs and providing an opportunity to listen to God.

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Holy Communion
Informal Worship